When you hear the word “Zvolen”


The task was clear: come up with the campaign that will come as a sequel to the know campaigns of Zvolenský, in which the yoghurts are enjoyed throughout the whole Slovakia.

Another task which our strategy department got absolutely right was to improve and shift the campaign. We were supposed to find a way to communicate both Slovakness and the extraordinary quality of the creamy yoghurt that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

We were thinking hard and found out that what we need to do is pretty obvious.

Everybody knows “trdelník” from Skalica and cabbage from Stupava. They are the champions in their category. Both phenomenons work even if we omit the name of the place – “trdelník” is obviously Skalica and “cabbage” obviously Stupava.

But what do you think of if you hear “creamy yoghurt”? Our goal was to create this kind of automatic association with the town of Zvolen.

The guarantee of the quality of the yoghurt are the Zvolenians who mastered their art throughout generations. Because no one can draw line between them and their yoghurt. Zvolen might one day become for yoghurt what France is for wine and Switzerland for cheese.

The client gave us insight that proved that we are on a right way: even people consider Zvolenský the best among the genuine creamy yoghurts. We agreed because we thought so ourselves. When we hear Zvolenský, we automaticly connect “creaminess” to it.

So we knew what we want to say and we knew what we wanted to connect to. Only one detail was missing – the execution.

We were thinking, creating and consulting for a long time. Some of the relationships will not be the same. But eventually we have found a solution. And you can watch it in the TV now.

It’s full of kids, their parents and grandparents in their cozy homes. It’s the kids who tell their older listeners the story of Zvolen, a magnificent town of yoghurts. And they give them a taste too.

The outcome fills us with pride. It’s original, authentic and sweet. Filming with kids was a nice experience, we’ve discovered many talents and got enought material for a feature film.

But what’s most important, we found out that whatever we put into script, a kid always adopts it and improves it!

We are happy to work for a new client and we hope that you will love the TVC that we’ve created.

Oh, and one more question: What do you think of when you hear the word “Zvolen”?

Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alex Strimbeanu
Copywriter: Samuel Marec, Daniel Feranec
Art Director: Lucia Čermáková
Account Director: Rastislav Kuttner
Account Manager: Sofia Žiaková
Strategy planner: Rado Ondřejíček, Martin Mlynárik

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