New Face for a Kindergarten


Sometimes we’re asked if one of our busy creatives could spare some time to undertake a project for the public good, and, for instance, create a logo.
We try to do pro bono work as often as we can. It’s an honour for us to take on these projects, especially when it’s a small kindergarten asking for help.

This time, we designed two logos. First, for the Domček Lesníček kindergarten in Limbach and then for the Detský lesný klub Domček civic association that runs the kindergarten.
In these logos, we combined childish playfulness, joy, and good moods with a love for nature.
We wish Domček Lesníček plenty of the above in its work to come.

Logo Domček Lesníček

Logo Domček Lesníček


haloooo "SVET"!!! … s radosťou a vďakou zdieľame s TEBOU zhmotnenie nášho dlhodobého zámeru … aby OZ Detský lesný…

Posted by Domček Lesníček on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

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