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Digital revolution brings Slovakia among the big players of world fashion

Digital communication is on a roll. It changes markets and if you’re a brand, you have no choice under the pressure of its impact: either you adapt or you stagnate. But believe it or not, there were some who wouldn’t go without a fight. For the classic luxury fashion brands the world where everything can […]

Advertising is dead. Long live advertising. Key learnings from Cannes Lions 2016

The sun went down on the French Riviera where brightest minds of the communication industry came together. The week seemed like a strong cocktail in which the organizers poured everything from tech innovators, marketers and creatives to celebrities, movie directors, iconic musicians, fashion designers and many more. And despite the fact that the festival’s glamour […]

The Revenant meets World Guinness Record. Just another day in Cannes Festival

It’s impossible not to admire the level of creativity that the creators of the festival put in every day and every single seminar. Thursday was just another proof of that. The highlight of the day was a World Record Guinness attempt to introduce “The largest lesson in creative thinking”. You just randomly go to a […]

How will advertising of the future look like? Naked

Wednesday was by far the most amazing day in Cannes Lions. It’s very hard to choose the superlatives as every minute and centimeter of the festival is packed with brilliancy, but, oh boy, what a day. First and foremost, it was a great day for Slovak advertising as Wiktor Leo Burnett won a bronze in […]

Cannes Lions: Will Smith Says “Smoke and Mirrors” Marketing Is Over

Who would thought that the best marketing lesson will come from an actor? Out of the 100 speakers that took the stages in Cannes on Tuesday, the most surprising and professional talk came from Will Smith. The seminar was a mixture of sincerity, acting and entertainment that mesmerized everyone. The 47-year old started with an […]

+46 771 793 336 – Hello, who’s there? – The best work in the world

The Opening Gala of Cannes Lions was a banquet of inspiration. The first ceremony revealed the best work in advertising for 2016 for categories Direct, Radio, Promo & Activation, Print & Publishing and Glass. And nobody was disappointed. One of the most applauded ideas was “The Swedish Number”, a campaign that allowed anyone, anywhere in […]

What’s coming up next? 25 billion connected things.

In Cannes, this Sunday felt like Monday. Delegates all over the world filled Palais Du Festivals like a veritable Tower of Babel. From rushing to pick their badges to the next seminar, workshop or talk, constantly asking fellow ad lovers “what’s coming up next?” And the question did not remain unanswered. Out of the 8 […]

And Grand Prix goes to…

Let’s applaud some of the works that in our opinion are strong Grand Prix candidates. We begin with one the shows that pure ideas are alive and kicking: “McWhopper” for Burger King & Peace One Day. What a great way to approach a rivalry and make consumers salivate and laugh at the same time. Next […]

We are going to Cannes!

“Home to the world’s most creative minds” is the theme of another Cannes Lions, the most prestigious festival of creativity that starts this Saturday. The world’s best creatives, the most interesting speakers and the best advertising campaigns of the recent year, it’s all gonna be there. Thousands of works will compete in 23 categories. It […]

What is that #hashtag sign?

You might not believe it, but several friends have asked me this question recently. Even though hashtag has been used on the social networks since 2007 and had its peak in 2009 on Twitter, the Slovaks started hashtagging only in the recent year or two. And not only in the private profiles, but also in […]