Young creatives in JANDL

Although they’re new in the industry, they have remarkable energy and many of them could easily compete with the best Slovak creatives very soon. They don’t have too much experience with advertising, but this lack of practice is perfectly balanced by their excitement and curiosity.

Recently, we’ve had a visit and it wasn’t the usual bunch of briefs or new clients who came over. This bunch was less usual and much, much louder. It consisted of pupils from Elementary school for extremely talented children in Bratislava, who came over to gain some knowledge as a part of one of their courses.


At the start, a few of them diplomatically suggested their attitude to our profession („I hate advertising!“), that’s why we’re so glad about the positive change that occurred after the presentation we prepared. What it was that finally convinced them – the presentation, our glowing conference room or the table football, we don’t really know, but we’ve heard at least half of them would be glad to stay with us.


We’re really happy that we could be the first ones to invite these kids to see some proper „working enviroment.“ Hopefully, we’ve also inspired others, so kids can look forward to other interesting excursions.

Ján Stančík
Junior Copywriter

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