Even a bigger seismic merger in the ad industry arises with The Biggest Small Agency in the World

Bratislava, 25.3. 2014:
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger, along comes JANDL. Last year’s gargantuan $35.1 billion merger proved once again how much the advertising industry loves bigness: big merger, big clients and big money. A titanic business equation that left out the little people in advertising often referred to as independent agencies. Time has come once again for small to go big.

Dear ad people from all corners of the world, we are proud to introduce you to JANDL – The Biggest Small Agency in the World. An epic launch that brought a cultural cluster under the same digitalized roof to certify that size does matter, when it comes to the scale of ideas and having fun, that is.

An advertising miraculous birth of more than 196 virtual offices with one straightforward and non-discriminatory goal: outrageously big ideas.

The freshly opened JANDL offices share the same values of cultural ingeniousness and business irreverence as JANDL has put together the biggest small team of nomad admen and adwomen ready to implement creative bigness throughout the world.

From Barbados to Mauritania, Kyrgyzstan to Lesotho, China to US, UK to Palau, the Biggest Small Agency in the World might be the biggest idea advertising has ever seen as JANDL becomes the first agency in history to open a virtual branch in every country of the world.

We invite you in a cultural journey throughout the world to enjoy more than 196 funny arrivals of JANDL staff in all the countries you can think of.
Go big on www.thebiggestsmallagency.com

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