How to promote a country for free. Canada.

Neither do we know nor do we care too much about some elections happening in Canada, but we definitely do know now Canada is by far the best place to live. What needed to be done was this: publish the long list of your government members and finish it off with a single well-aimed sentence.

Thus we know the Minister of Health is a doctor, the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities is a paralympian and the Minister of Science is a scientist. This is no rocket science (although the Minister of Transport is an astronaut): it’s always a good idea to have a minister who actually knows what his job is.

However, Canada goes a step further: the number of male and female ministers is equal, the government includes two First Nations representatives, two Sikhs, a Muslim and at least two Atheists. To put is short, everyone in Cana should feel like they are represented. Wanna know why? Because it’s 2015.

Source: Facebook Alana Phillips

Source: Alana Phillips,

Because it’s 2015, said the Prime Minister. A key sentence, the country doesn’t really need much more in way of promotion. Countries fight for their place in the sun and the market has got its very own specifics: obviously, every single country has got some lovely nature and historical places and food and women and experiences, each of them is either small (and has a big heart, then) or big (in which case the beauty lies in details). At the end of the day they are all the same, looking for their key advantage. Canada has it: over there it’s 2015.

Advertising people know: the headline shouldn’t be longer than seven words, ideally not even four, the claim even less so. It must be universal yet not generic, a bit call to action a bit emotional. A bit of everything, a bit of nothing in the end. We all keep trying and then, out of nowhere, this Canadian Prime Minister shows up and hijacks the whole segment with nothing more but three words. Canada – the country of 2015 and the years to come, where everyone is equal and everyone can get along.

In reality, not all of that might necessarily be true, marketing always makes reality appear a little more sexy, but what’s important is the key message: these days you don’t need to organise the Olympics or an EXPO exhibition; what you’re looking for is a well formulated message. Because it’s 2015 is a sentence worth millions and to add insult to injury, even the prime minister looks like he’s fresh out of acting class.

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