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Time is the best medicine

BENEVA Boy_RGB_clanok_955x537px

Our latest campaign brings to light an issue too often ignored: lack of active time spent by parents with kids. When children don’t get proper attention and active time from parents, they feel emotionally abandoned which can have serious impact on their emotional development. Beneva is a Romanian NGO that develops and supports social and […]

Flyers for Wüstenrot are pretty fly now


We’ve really enjoyed creating product flyers for our client Wüstenrot recently. The demand was to transform the existing leaflet communication and unite it with the current simple and straightforward visual identity. We had to come up with a simple system of connecting the visual with headlines that is adaptable for the whole client’s portfolio. Basically […]

Terminally ill children feel best at home


Plamienok is a non-profit organisation that allows terminally ill children to spend their precious time at home – instead of a hospital – surrounded by their loved ones, and with all the professional care they need. We’re focusing especially on finding regular donors in the current campaign with which we’re again aiming to assist Plamienok […]

COOP Jednota understands your taste


We have prepared an extensive autumn campaign for COOP Jednota. In the image spot promoting COOP Jednota’s own brand Tradičná kvalita (Traditional Quality), the herd-boy proved himself as a real linguist. He hit his head on a window, and suddenly understood all the animals around the shepherd’s hut. Besides the shepherd and herd-boy, the dog […]

Rugby – a game of gentlemen?


When the Slovak Rugby Union asked us to help them raise the profile of this interesting sport in Slovakia, our creativity went overboard. We imagined all those action-filled collisions, rough clashes, fierce battles for the oval ball, and all those formidable musclemen made of steel that no one sane would ever try to cross. Not […]

Finding Dory with COOP Jednota


The “Nemo” sequel arrived in cinemas in June. This time, all the characters looking for Dory. On this occasion, COOP Jednota prepared a collection campaign for its customers. Its customers could receive exclusive cups featuring a movie-related picture with their purchases. The promotion was accompanied by a campaign on TV, POSM, print, and on the […]

Paying a fortune for your vacation


Imagine going to Croatia on vacation, camping out, and yet ending up spending 50,000 Euros. What went wrong here? The answer is simple – you didn’t have insurance. Medical procedures, hospital stays, rides home in the ambulance – these are all items that may cost you a fortune while abroad. Even the cheapest vacation can […]

Don’t let corruption corrupt their world


Anti-corruption campaigns mostly depict the larger, devastating effects of corruption on everyday life. Instead, we decided to depict the consequences of corruption that aren’t always apparent to most people, especially if these people already have the tendency to commit minor wrongdoings in front of their children. In our print campaign for the foundation Zastavme korupciu […]

Get your kids back to wildlife!


Campaigns for zoos. You can be creative, imaginative, and funny as hell, but eventually you’ll find out that your idea was already taken by someone else before you. It certainly happened to us when we were working on our current campaign for the Bratislava Zoo, but we didn’t give up. We looked at the root […]

One learns to speak by speaking


We are introducing the first ever campaign made by JANDL Vienna. Not for any client, but for ORF, the national broadcasting company and their “Helfen Wie Wir” initiative. The initiative helps to raise money for the German language courses for the refugees, so that they learn the language and understand the Austrian culture. Because when […]