Paying a fortune for your vacation

Imagine going to Croatia on vacation, camping out, and yet ending up spending 50,000 Euros. What went wrong here?
The answer is simple – you didn’t have insurance.

Medical procedures, hospital stays, rides home in the ambulance – these are all items that may cost you a fortune while abroad. Even the cheapest vacation can be just as expensive as buying yourself a car or even an apartment. That’s why we opted for the idea of an overpriced vacation to serve as the basis of this campaign: “A vacation without insurance can cost you a fortune”.

The concept’s visual design resembles a travel agency catalogue. Nevertheless, we adhered to the original visual features that we commonly employ for this client. The visuals were intended to look realistic at first glance. It was only the exaggerated price that was meant to wake up the reader from his/her dream vacation.
The goal was to encourage these shocked, potential insurance clients to realise just what financial risks may accompany uninsured vacations and to get them to sign up for insurance from our client Wüstenrot.



Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alex Strimbeanu
Copywriter: Viliam Šedivý, Karla Calheiros
Art Director: Zuzana Ondrušová
Strategy: Ivana Váleková
Account Director: Rasťo Kuttner
Account Manager: Martin Janík

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