Terminally ill children feel best at home

Plamienok is a non-profit organisation that allows terminally ill children to spend their precious time at home – instead of a hospital – surrounded by their loved ones, and with all the professional care they need.

We’re focusing especially on finding regular donors in the current campaign with which we’re again aiming to assist Plamienok raise funds. Donors are very important because they set their contribution to Plamienok as a monthly payment. When creating the concept, we followed an important principle: no emotional blackmail. Playing on emotions would maybe make the campaign high-profile, but people would feel rather discouraged and look the other way.

So we did the exact opposite. The children in our latest online videos have unadulterated joy in their eyes while playing with ordinary household items. To the rest of us such items might seem totally mundane, but the children love them – because having them means they are at home.

The campaign includes online spots, OOH, prints, banners, and a campaign landing page.


Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alex Strimbeanu
Head of Art: Pavel Gajdoš
Digital Creative Director: Jord Nikov
Copywriter: Daniel Feranec
Art Director: Zuzana Ondrušová
Photography: Richard Lavrík
Strategy planner: Ivana Váleková
Account manager: Rastislav Kuttner

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