Our campaign for NEHERA is… earthy!

NEHERA did a great collection for autumn and winter 2017 and as usual, our job was to do a campaign to go with it. And as usual, the pictures from an extraordinary Slovak photographer were the focal part of it. This time it was Michal Pudelka.

Michal is based in London and before our campaign he did visuals for Valentino, H&M, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan or AnOther. His typical style is to create strange surreal worlds and combined with the typical visual identity of NEHERA, this promised an amazing result.

The vast soil of the fertile seeding fields was a strong visual instrument for me.”

“My theme was the nature and the beginnings. I was inspired by the earthy tonal colours and natural materials that NEHERA uses, but also the Slovak roots that I share with the brand,” explained Michal Pudelka. “The vast soil of the fertile Slovak seeding fields was a strong visual instrument for me.”

It wasn’t easy to produce the unique visuals that will be admired by the whole world along with the NEHERA collection. The big challenge was to find a brown field in time when all fields play with colours, but the list of the strange tasks went on. All the way from Hriňová we got the ox named Kešo and when the photographer said the models should be half-buried in the ground, again it was us and our team who rolled up our sleeves.

The raw photography underwent a thorough postproduction and retouching and the result was truly magical. Maybe you’ve recognized the accomplished Slovak photographer Milota Havránková on one of the visuals. And we’re sure you agree that the visual with the ladder to the sky has a good chance to become iconic.


Stills Credits:
Photography and Creative Direction: Michal Pudelka
Creative Producer: Paul Joyce-Pudelka
Photo postproduction: Richard Lavrík, JANDL Bratislava

Video Credits:
Director: Michal Pudelka
Creative Producer: Paul Joyce-Pudelka
DOP and Video Edit: Jakub Šteinecker, Patrik Gubiš
Music: Kurt von Stetten, Undone (Instrumental)

Styling: NEHERA
Make-up Artist: Ľubica Krajňáková
Hair Stylist: Tatiana Hromadová
Models: Milota Havránková, Linda Novotná (EXIT MM), Mária Petrovičová (EXIT MM), Klára Vizárová (EXIT MM)
Produced by JANDL Bratislava
Production: Sofia Žiaková, JANDL Bratislava
Photographer´s agent: KATY BARKER LTD

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