One learns to speak by speaking

We are introducing the first ever campaign made by JANDL Vienna. Not for any client, but for ORF, the national broadcasting company and their “Helfen Wie Wir” initiative.

The initiative helps to raise money for the German language courses for the refugees, so that they learn the language and understand the Austrian culture. Because when you’re integrated, you’re not a stranger anymore. The goal of our campaign is to help the Austrians understand that it has sense.

To do so, we are showing the refugees reciting the notorious poems of Ernst Jandl (yes, Jandl, but that’s just a lovely coincidence) so typical and characteristic part of the Austrian cultural heritage. What’s interesting about those poems, Ernst Jandl wrote them also as a way to help people learn the German language. And if you listen to the words, you’ll find a fascinating connection to their own experience with war, fleeing to save their lives, and fighting for acceptance in a strange environment.

When all these elements clicked in our simple 30-second television commercials, we were astonished to see the powerful result. But most of all, we hope that the campaign does its job and the initiative is successful.

Werbeagentur Jandl Wien
CCO: Bernd Fliesser
CD: Alexandru Strimbeanu
Copy: Bernd Fliesser, Ernst Jandl, Daniel Feranec
Strategie: Dr Rosa Kriesche
Projectmanagment: Sylvia Neuherz

Production Company: Seven Film und Postproduction GmbH

Director: Martin Repka
DOP: Jerzy Palacz
Sound: Ingo Steinbach

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