Get your kids back to wildlife!

Campaigns for zoos. You can be creative, imaginative, and funny as hell, but eventually you’ll find out that your idea was already taken by someone else before you. It certainly happened to us when we were working on our current campaign for the Bratislava Zoo, but we didn’t give up.

We looked at the root of the issue and found out that, yes, kids today are distracted by endless TV programmes, apps, and videogames, but nothing can match the look on their face when they see a real lion, giraffe, or monkey for the first time.
And you know what they say: If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad…




Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alex Strimbeanu
Head of Art: Pavel Gajdoš
Art Director: Lucia Čermáková
Idea & Copywriter: Andrei Gurau, Daniel Feranec, Karla Calheiros
Slovak Script Adaption: Viliam Šedivý
Account Manager: Marek Wilhalm
Account Director: Rasto Kuttner

Illustration: Sattu Rodrigues – Sattu Illustration

Director: Marek Partyš – Nomad Films, Prague
DOP: Martin Douba – Nomad Films, Prague
Executive Producer: Jozef Lipa – Eallin Nomad Slovakia
Executive Producer: Lukas Skalník – Nomad Films, Prague
Producer: Martin Barták – Nomad Films, Prague
Production Manager: Marketa Vrabcová – Nomad Films, Prague
Art Director/Set Designer: Zuzana Mazáčová – Nomad Films, Prague
Costume styling: Peter Tistan – Nomad Films, Prague
Offline Edit: Tomáš Vrána – Nomad Films, Prague
Colour Grading: Daniel Schmid – Nomad Films, Prague
Sound Designer/Mixer: Marian Molčák – Noise Activity

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