Don’t let corruption corrupt their world

Anti-corruption campaigns mostly depict the larger, devastating effects of corruption on everyday life. Instead, we decided to depict the consequences of corruption that aren’t always apparent to most people, especially if these people already have the tendency to commit minor wrongdoings in front of their children.

In our print campaign for the foundation Zastavme korupciu (Let’s Stop Corruption), we used this new, slightly different insight in the hopes of reaching people who have already become slightly apathetic to ubiquitous corruption.


Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alex Strimbeanu
Head of Art: Pavel Gajdoš
Art Director: Lucia Čermáková, Richard Lavrík
Copywriter: Daniel Feranec, Andrei Gurau, Karla Calheiros
Account Manager: Marek Wilhalm
Illustrator: Jakub Reken

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