And Grand Prix goes to…

Let’s applaud some of the works that in our opinion are strong Grand Prix candidates.

We begin with one the shows that pure ideas are alive and kicking: “McWhopper” for Burger King & Peace One Day. What a great way to approach a rivalry and make consumers salivate and laugh at the same time.

Next on the list “#OptOutside” for REI, an idea that made lots of marketers murmur “is this real life?” Well, it certainly is when you believe in what your brand stands for and don’t’ shy away to prove it on the biggest retail day of the year by closing all stores. Yes, you heard it correct, watch it to believe it.

When it comes to beer, what better reason for men to drink it other than the actual cold beer? Hmm, what about saving the world. DB Breweries made it possible by inventing “Brewtroleum”. A biofuel from the yeast left over after brewing the actual beer. Raise your glasses, this one is for you beer lovers and saviors of the world.

“You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge” said the intro of the famous song Straight Outta Compton. We would also add the strength of creativity in this brilliant campaign “Straight Outta” for Beats by Dre.

We talked about celebration, therefore we need another drink. Let’s make it an Andes Cerveza for their hilarious campaign “Fairest Night of All” which helped average guys have a better chance with girls.

There are other jewels to be discovered in Cannes. Stay tuned for the next JANDL reports from cannes here.

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