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The Opening Gala of Cannes Lions was a banquet of inspiration. The first ceremony revealed the best work in advertising for 2016 for categories Direct, Radio, Promo & Activation, Print & Publishing and Glass. And nobody was disappointed.

One of the most applauded ideas was “The Swedish Number”, a campaign that allowed anyone, anywhere in the world, to call a phone number in Sweden and talk to a random Swede:

But there was another idea that made everyone at the Gala stand up – “The stroller Test Ride” created by FCB Chicago which is featuring adults riding around in giant strollers:

Before the Ceremony, there was a presentation that showed the principles behind creating the best ideas in the world. In “Cracking the Code of Creativity” seminar, Razorfish agency and Contagious magazine analyzed 500.000 award winning ideas of the last 25 in Cannes to find a formula for creativity. The findings were presented in 5 principles that allows anyone to achieve greatness.

Here they are:
1. No more excuses: budget, location, size of the company and name of client are not relevant when creating a big idea.
2. Invest in relationships: great creativity does not require big budgets, but it does require an investment of time, bravery, and trust.
3. Kill the rock stars: creativity is a reflection of company culture, make it open, inclusive and free from ego.
4. Play nice with others: modern creativity demands collaboration – internally and externally – so make sure you learn how to in and outsource.
5. Face the facts: make sure you make research in order to discover the truths and build ideas based on them.

So, let’s all go and create greatness.

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