Rugby – a game of gentlemen?

When the Slovak Rugby Union asked us to help them raise the profile of this interesting sport in Slovakia, our creativity went overboard. We imagined all those action-filled collisions, rough clashes, fierce battles for the oval ball, and all those formidable musclemen made of steel that no one sane would ever try to cross.

Not that we thought that Slovak rugby players were weak by any means, but soon enough they put our minds right anyway. A few matches were enough for us to understand that rugby is a beautiful and noble sport for reasonable and well-mannered players, based on the gentlemen’s code of fairness, respect and observance of rules. And, ultimately, a sport with no room for any cheating or dirty tricks.

It was clear to us that making Slovaks understand and turning their attention to rugby is a long-term project. But since we love challenges we decided that even our very first try must definitely be worth the effort.

Every Englishman, Scotsman, Australian, New Zealander and South African will confirm the truth behind the famous statement – “rugby is a game of gentlemen”. We believe that before this campaign is over, many Slovaks will share this knowledge.




Chief Creative Officer: Bernd Fliesser
Creative Director: Alexandru Strimbeanu
Art Director: Lucia Čermáková
Copywriter: Daniel Feranec
Strategy: Rado Ondřejíček
Account Manager: Marek Wilhalm

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